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Lumière d'Août Company

We are going to choose a certain volume of sky and see what's going on up there. Keeping in mind that the sky begins at the grass and goes on from there forever. 

The Ciel dans la Ville project uses the principles of landscape theatre: Creating open air performances around airports, for an air traffic control area and a precise volume of sky. The authors write for this territory; its story, its colours, its landscape. Each element, each contingency of the landscape constructs a natural scenography for the performance and decides the way in which it is produced.

Why airports? 
Here, there is no fascination with the technical side of aeronautics but a grasp of the poetic, historical and political aspects. Planes and airports are things which fire up the imagination. This said, to speak of dreams would be inexact: If Air-France runs flights to so many African countries, it is certainly a result of our colonial past. And when airplanes are used to repatriate Africans expelled from France, it is definitely history and politics which are in action.

The sky can be violent. It covers the whole world, it is what we all have in common.
Alexandre Koutchevsky

Ciel dans la Ville was first produced in September 2007 at Saint Jacques de la Lande, then performed and a second time in June 2008 in addition to Ciel dans la Nuit. The two versions were composed of a series of five performances around the airport zone of Saint Jacques de la Lande. Ciel dans la Nuit was also a series of performances around the airport which took place between 9 o'clock at night and 9 o'clock the following morning. Loïc Touzé participated in Ciel dans la Ville, dancing in the performance of Me voici coordonnées by Alexandre Koutchevsky and also in Ciel dans la Nuit where he created an improvisation using the perspective of the taxiways and also danced the Danse pour Le lever Du soleil.

Ciel dans la ville was also produced in January 2010 in Bamako (Mali) and in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), then at Saint Jacques de la Lande in July 2011 with new texts, new performers and new landscapes.

Ciel Dans La Ville/Ciel Dans La Nuit
September 2007, June 2008, January 2010 and July 2011
Director Alexandre Koutchesvky
Texts Marine Bachelot, Alexis Fichet, Dieudonné Niangouna, Nicolas Richard, Alexandre Koutchevsky, Laurent Quinton, Juliette Pourquery de Boisserin, Aristide Tarnagda, Kouam Tawa
Performers Lamine Diarra, Flora Diguet, Charline Grand, Yaya Mbilé Bitang, Elios Noël, Michel Jayat, Gaëlle Clérivet, Boris Sirdey, Aristide Tarnagda
Dance Loïc Touzé, Alexis Fichet
Airbus Sylvain Groseil
Art Installation Céline Prestavoine
Production/General Direction Gabrielle Jarrier

Production Lumière d'Août Company, Théâtre de l'Aire Libre / Saint Jacques de la Lande, Théâtre Chemin de Ronde, CCF de Ouagadougou et Bamako, Institut Français

The Lumière d'Août Company is funded by the DRAC Bretagne, le Conseil Régional de Bretagne, le Conseil Général d'Ille et Vilaine and the Ville de Rennes.